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Tuesday 22nd April
Staff Development Day

Wednesday 23rd April
First day of term for children

Monday 5th May
Bank Holiday

Thursday 8th May
KS1 Open Class

Friday 9th May
KS2 Open Class

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Welcome to Bright Stars Pre-School

Contact us on:01634 333394/9



The Governing Body is pleased to inform you that, following a rigorous selection process, Mr S. McKeown has been selected as the New head teacher. We have to say a sad farewell to Mrs Pullen who is retiring at Easter; we wish her good luck for the future.



A reminder please to all parents, carers and children to ensure that the pathways are kept free at the start and end of the day so that members of the public are able to walk by. Children should be encouraged to wait sensibly and show the public that Barnsole pupils behave well.

We hope you are now getting used to the new buzz in system.

Appropriate clothing for all weathers. Please can you make sure your child has the correct clothing for our ever changing weather, and that your child’s name is clearly written in coats, bags etc.



If your child is unwell please keep them at home, winter is the time for Flu and Norovirus (vomiting and Diarrhoea) to be around PLEASE DO NOT SPREAD GERMS to children and Staff, keep your child at home for at least 48 hours and please contact us.                 

Spare Clothes Please make sure your child has spare clothes in their bag and that all clothes are clearly marked with your child’s name. Please return any clothes that may have been borrowed as we are running short of spare clothes to change children into.


Uniform for next term
Please see Terena with your order for the next school year if you need new uniform.

Play pod in the playground
We are forever trying to keep our play pod stocked with open ended resources. If you can help we would appreciate it very much. We need items often found in sheds/garages that you will no longer have a use for such as old hoses from washing machines, big cardboard box’s old clothes horses for den making, bid spools off of cable and anything else that children can make into anything they want it to be.

Parent rota This is open to all parents and grandparents, you will need a police check or a list 99 check before you come in. If interested come and talk to us.

Contact details
Please make sure we have the correct contact details for your child. Mobiles change frequently and we need to be kept informed if you or your emergency contact changes phone numbers. Please make sure any named emergency contact person is near enough to Pre-School to be able to come quickly when needed.

Dates to remember
Review week
24th -28th March for all children NOT joining primary school in September.

 Stay and play day
Friday 4th April 10am-1pm

This is for everyone to come and play with their child. There will be Easter craft activities, cake stall, and Choc-a-holic raffle. We will even throw in a cuppa.

Donations needed please for Raffle (anything chocolate) and cakes for the cake stall Thanks


Children cannot be left alone on this day as the stay and play day is for all our children and parent/carers.

Last day of term Friday 4th April

 Term 5 starts  Tuesday 23rd April


Happy Easter from your team at Bright stars.