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Note from the Chairperson



Welcome to the Friends of Barnsole Fundraising  Committee section of the School website.

I am Jacqui Morton and I am Chairperson of the Friends of Barnsole Fundraising Committee. I am also the HLTA in Stars Class/Foundation Stage.

We are a friendly bunch of staff, parents and members of the community that work closely, with the Senior Leadership Team, to organise and run, fun fundraising events to benefit the children. 

We are always looking for new members and fundraising ideas, so if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us, via our Friends email address, which is friends@barnsole  Please see our Welcome leaflet/latest Newsletter for further details of who we are/what we do etc.

Any help or time you can spare would be very much appreciated! Please join in the fun & games and get involved!

We look forward to another year of happy, successful fundraising!

Kind regards

Jacqui Morton

Chairperson, Friends of Barnsole Committee



Committee Members/Regular helpers

Jacqui Morton - Chairperson

Katie Lucy - Vice Chairperson

Lynn Hanniford - Treasurer

Laura Sykes - Secretary

Sarah Ryan - SLT Representative

Tina Sanders

Jo Duggan

Mandy Van Looy

Mark Wade

Hayley Mills

Lyn Gostling

Laura Hanniford

Amanda Blackman

Joan Leman

Victoria Fisher

Gwenda LLoyd

Mel Melvin

Amanda freeman

Lisa Hall

Clare Vigus

Lizzie Clark


What our Fundraising has been used for so far

KS1 stage

Portable PA system

Playground equipment

Art resources

Nursery toys/equipment

Mini Cookers

Playground benches

Drumming Workshops


Donations towards:

Annual Pantomime 

Nurture room

Family workshops

New library books

School trips/events


Future fundraising ideas

KS2 benches

Purchase of a chicken coop/food etc (so that we can keep the chickens that were recently hatched in school). The whole school would have the opportunity to be involved in their on-going care and upkeep)

Purchase of  new playground equipment


Upcoming events

 Dates for your Dairy (Full details to follow nearer the time):

Saturday 23rd September - Autumn Fair

Wednesday 18th October - AGM, 7pm The Cricketers Pub, Sturdee Avenue

Saturday 9th December - Christmas Fair


Thank you for your continued support. Please contact us via email with any feedback or suggestions for future fundraising ideas etc.

Letters and newsletters

July's Newsletter click here

To read June's Newsletter click here

Fathers Day Shop Letter click here





 “I’m not a Celebrity!” Challenge:

A well-deserved medal was awarded to Lewis Harrold after he completed his challenge.

This involved eating both a cricket and a mealworm!

Well done Lewis and watch out Ant and Dec; Lewis will be joining you in the jungle very soon!

Barnsole’s Got Talent Contest:

Our three judges were Jamie Johnson from, ‘The Voice’, Mr Daniels, Chair of Governors and Miss Clark, Year 1 teacher.

After some serious deliberation, they unanimously agreed that Edmund Crosland was to be the overall winner.

Congratulations to Edmund for his amazing guitar playing and very well done to everyone else who entered…

   “…Barnsole definitely does have a lot of talent!”



If you would like to join the committee, or just get more involved, please come along to the meeting, or contact us:

By email: or By telephone: 01634 333400 (School Office)


Fathers Day Shop 2017

This was another success, with over 300 presents being brought and wrapped by the children. Thank you to our fantastic team of helpers who made it possible. We couldn't have done it without you!