Maritime Academy Trust

Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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Who We Are 

School Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher
Mr Marsh

Head of School
Mr Smales

Assistant Headteacher (Infants - EYFS & KS1)
Mrs Magee 

Assistant Headteacher (Juniors - KS2)
Mrs Barber

Inclusion Lead (Whole School) / SENCO (KS2)
Mrs Stevens

I have found my child’s teachers and teaching assistants all approachable and interested in my child’s wellbeing.

Nursery Team

Mrs Gill (Year Group Lead)

Mr Elliot - Early Years Practitioner

Support Staff:
Mrs Accetta
Miss Barrett


Stars - Mrs Hanniford
Comets -  Miss Rayner
Moonbeams - Mrs Daniels & Mrs Styles
Mrs Magee (Year Group Lead)

Support Staff:

Miss Hicks
Miss Whiting
Mrs Tanner
Mrs Lancaster

Year 1

Mercury - Mrs Baker (Year Group Lead)

Venus - Mrs Oyedele & Mrs Addai
Mars - Mr Wade

Support Staff:

Mrs Robinson
Mrs Stacey 
Miss Johnson

Year 2

Jupiter - Ms Billington
Neptune - Mr Milford & Mrs Curd
Saturn - Miss Flack

Mrs Magee (Year Group Lead)

Support Staff:

Mrs Newman
Mrs Blackman
Mrs Gostling (Wed-Thu only)

Year 3

Oberon - Miss Lassman (Year Group Lead)
Titan - Mrs Loveridge
Polaris - Mr Wild

Support Staff:
Mrs Allchin
Miss Ferguson

Year 4 

Icarus - Mrs Hucks (Year Group Lead) & Miss Friday
Apollo - Mrs Jessep
Juno - Mr Lane

Support Staff:
Mrs Nurse
Mrs Walker

Year 5

Phoenix - Miss Jacobs (Year Group Lead)
Pegasus - Miss Rose
Dragon - Mrs Patchett

Support Staff:
Miss Kumar
Mrs Boxall
Mrs Heffernan

Year 6

Capricorn - Miss Greene (Year Group Lead)
Aquarius - Miss Newnham
Orion - Miss Howard

Support Staff:
Mrs Stone
Mrs Longdon

PPA, Intervention & Specialist Teachers

Mrs Friday
Miss Millard - PE
Mrs Addai
Mrs Waters
Mrs Tutty - Music

Mrs Homewood (currently on maternity leave)
Mrs Beardsley (currently on maternity leave)

Mrs Lock (currently on maternity leave)

Mrs Hall (currently on maternity leave)

Inclusion Team

Mrs Stevens – Inclusion Lead (Whole School) and KS2 SENCO

Mrs St. Clair - SENCO (EYFS & KS1)
Mrs Leicester
Mrs Kirtley
Mrs Freeman
Mrs Gustavina
Mrs Kagan – Family Liaison Officer

Midday Meals Supervisors

Mrs Doran
Mrs Jackson
Mrs Goodwin
Mrs Carrigan

After-School Club Supervisors

Mrs Boxall

Mrs Holland

Administration Team

Ms Rixon – Office Manager
Mrs Sharman (Wed-Fri)
Mrs Champion
Mrs Wilkins
Miss Bird

Premises Team

Mrs Raggett - Regional Estates Lead

Mr Porter

Mr Morphew

Mr Lancaster

Kitchen Team

Mrs Wilson – Infant site cook
Miss Stone – Infant site kitchen assistant
Miss Bland – Junior site cook
Miss Coward – Junior site kitchen assistant