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Barnsole Primary School is based in Gillingham, Medway where we utilise both our location and the cultures around us to achieve our curriculum intent and to promote our core values. 

We pride ourselves on providing a rich, diverse curriculum tailored to the unique needs and interests of our pupils. 

Our curriculum at Barnsole is rooted in the belief that a holistic approach to learning is essential for nurturing the full potential of every child. We provide opportunities to broaden experiences which go beyond academic subjects, ensuring children develop their physical well-being, emotional intelligence and social skills that transcend cultural boundaries. We foster inclusivity by promoting a safe and supportive learning community. 

Communication is vital, and we emphasise effective verbal and written skills while also teaching our children the value of compromise, active listening and mutual respect. 

Collaboration is a fundamental aspect of our curriculum, fostering an environment where our children actively work together, appreciate diversity, and learn from one another. 

We empower our children to be independent, take ownership of their education and become leaders of learning. They will know more and remember more through an environment where knowledge and skills acquisition is both engaging and memorable. 

Our curriculum is drawn from a variety of structures and schemes, all aimed at supporting and enhancing the children's learning experiences. Central to our approach is the Cornerstones Curriculum, from which we have carefully selected topics that resonate with the context of our school, the interests of our pupils, and the broader local community. This ensures that our young learners find relevance and connection in what they study, making their educational journey both engaging and meaningful.

For our budding readers, phonics is an essential pillar of literacy, and we have entrusted the Little Wandle phonics scheme to guide this crucial area. This meticulously designed scheme plays an invaluable role in bolstering our pupils' knowledge and understanding in phonics, ensuring a strong foundation for their future literacy skills.

From Year 2 to Year 6, our approach to reading comprehension is guided by Steps to Read by Literacy Counts. Recognising the importance of a diverse literary diet, this scheme integrates high-quality fiction, non-fiction, and poetry texts. What sets Steps to Read apart is its clear teaching sequence for reading sessions, designed to teach reading skills and strategies in a cumulative manner. Built upon evidence-based approaches, it lays out a roadmap for our pupils to progressively hone their reading abilities, cultivating both the joy of reading and the analytical skills that come with it.

In the subject area of Mathematics, we use the White Rose Maths scheme to provide a sequenced, logical approach to the subject. This structure ensures that our students receive a cohesive and holistic understanding of Maths, paving the way for both foundational skills and more advanced concepts.

Lastly, our commitment to nurturing the holistic growth of our pupils is evident in our PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic education) curriculum. From EYFS up to Year 6, we have adopted the Jigsaw PSHE scheme of work. This comprehensive program offers an integrated approach to personal development, ensuring our students grow not just academically but also emotionally and socially.

In essence, at Barnsole Primary School, every aspect of our curriculum is thoughtfully curated, ensuring our pupils receive a well-rounded, enriching, and memorable educational experience.