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Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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Our Teaching Model

At Barnsole Primary School, our core aim is to provide an enriching learning experience for all our pupils. To ensure that each pupil reaches their fullest potential, we implement an adaptive teaching model guided by our Teaching Model  which ensures each lesson is effectively structured for optimal learning.

  1. Planning: Before any lesson, teachers invest time in planning the lesson carefully. This ensures that each lesson aligns with our curriculum, incorporates appropriate resources, and meets the diverse learning needs of our pupils.

  2. Knowledge Retrieval: At the beginning of each lesson, teachers initiate activities or discussions that help pupils recall and retrieve previously learned information. This step helps cement long-term learning and sets the stage for introducing new content.

  3. Reviewing Prior Learning: Building on knowledge retrieval, we review the previously covered material in-depth. By revisiting prior learning, we ensure that the foundational knowledge is strong, allowing pupils to link new information to what they already know.

  4. Teacher Instruction: With a solid foundation established, our teachers then present the new lesson content. This involves direct teaching, where teachers may use various methods, from multimedia presentations to group discussions, ensuring the content is conveyed effectively.

  5. Pupils' Independent Learning: After instruction, pupils are given time and opportunities to work independently. This allows them to assimilate new knowledge, apply what they have learnt, and engage in critical thinking. It also offers them a chance to record their learning, fostering reflection and retention.

  6. Plenary: To conclude, every lesson wraps up with a plenary session. This is a vital review phase where teachers and pupils revisit the primary learning question of the lesson, discuss key takeaways, and address any misconceptions. It ensures that learning objectives are met and provides a sense of closure to the lesson.

By following this structured teaching cycle, we aim to create a holistic learning environment where each step contributes to the pupils' understanding and retention. We believe this model promotes consistency, depth, and clarity in our teaching process, ensuring that every child at Barnsole Primary School receives the best possible education.