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The PSHE curriculum at Barnsole develops the resilience, focus, inquiry and creativity of pupils in order to prepare them to face the challenges that life presents. Pupils are taught about making positive choices and positive choices are recognised and rewarded regularly. Building positive and respectful relationships with those around you is central to the way in which our schools create a strong, supportive school community. Our teachers set out to instil a strong sense of empathy in the pupils by starting from a position of empathy themselves. We seek to understand the challenges that pupils face as a way of building their resilience through positive reinforcement of their successes, achievements and individuality. We aim to give pupils a genuine sense of their place in the world, both on a local level, a national level and, ultimately as part of a global community. 



The PSHE curriculum is delivered through the Jigsaw scheme of work. PSHE is provided through a combination of dedicated PSHE lessons, assemblies including oracy assemblies and enrichment opportunities. The values that we believe in are constantly reinforced through our positive behaviour system and through the planning of engaging sequences of learning that link to issues in the world and in our communities. Many of the texts that pupils study are chosen to elicit discussions about the emotions of characters as a way into pupils being able to discuss their own issues and concerns.



The impact of our enriched PSHE provision is the development of well-rounded pupils with a strong sense of ethics and values. Pupils at our school understand the importance of positive interaction with all members of our diverse school community and the responsibility that we all share to create a harmonious and purposeful environment. The positive behaviour system has instilled a strong sense of what it means to be a good learner and a positive member of the school community. By tapping into issues in the world, our pupils can also see the wider impact that they can have through their voices and actions.



Our enriched curriculum offers pupils a wide range of opportunities to develop into responsible, well-rounded citizens through inspirational visits and visitors, regular sharing assemblies and parent workshops.