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Parent's View 2021-22


'I think the school is good for my child.' – Year 2 Parent


'My child's progress is amazing; she really enjoys coming to school.' – Year 1 Parent


'My child has enjoyed Year 2, he has come home and talked about what he is being taught, the teachers have supported and cared for my child.' – Year 2 Parent


‘Overall, my child has progressed massively in Year 3.' – Year 3 Parent


'My child is very happy, the teaching staff are very good at nurturing and developing the children's academic skills, as well as social interaction and productive play.' – Reception Parent


'I love this school, keep it up, good teachers - you guys are so welcoming.' – Year 4 Parent


'My child and I are happy with his progress in Year 2, his teachers are lovely and we will be sad not to have them next year. Thank you to all the teachers.' – Year 2 Parent


'My child has had some ups and downs in year, but his teacher and the school have helped.' – Year 6 Parent


'My child is very happy at this school and they love how they do not get bullied.' – Year 3 Parent


'They always try to do what they can if you tell them your concerns.' – Year 1 Parent


'I am happy that my child is happy in school.' – Year 5 Parent


'My child has improved her reading and writing, she loves coming to school.' – Year 4 Parent


'I am really happy with the progress my child is making at this school, all of his teachers have been lovely and always there to help.' – Year 4 Parent


'Very grateful for the rich learning environment in Nursery and for the Speech and Language and the speech and language interventions.' – Nursery Parent


'My child has improved so much since starting in Reception. She has loads of confidence and is always happy to come to school.' – Reception Parent


'Very good school, you have helped my child so much with her speech.' – Year 1 Parent


'Barnsole has helped my child in everything she does, her confidence has improved so much and that is all because of the teachers. I am very happy with the school.' – Year 2 Parent


'Very happy with my child's progress, can't fault the teaching staff! Thank you.' – Reception Parent


'All staff at this school are really helpful and I feel that my child is receiving everything he needs at this school and his teachers have been great at keeping us updated with his school life.' – Nursery Parent


'I couldn't think of a better school for my children to be in.' – Year 1 Parent


'My child likes this school. All teachers are polite and friendly.' – Year 3 Parent


‘Nursery has made my child more confident with his colours, numbers, words and shapes. I’m really happy with all the staff at the school. I would really recommend Barnsole Primary School and Nursery - they are brilliant!’ – Nursery Parent


‘I am so pleased with how my child has progressed thank you.’ – Year 6 Parent


‘Thank you for your help, my child is very happy.’ – Year 3 Parent


‘My child always talks about school and the work he is doing, he is getting on really well.’ – Year 4 Parent


‘Very good teachers and really helpful, my daughter has learnt a lot of things. I am very happy with school, teachers and staff.’ – Year 2 Parent