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Definition of a Reader at Barnsole

What does a reader at Barnsole look like at the end of EYFS?

At the end of EYFS, children will be equipped with basic skills such as decoding, blending and listening in order to engage with a variety of texts. Children will have formed good communication and language and will engage with texts being read to them. Children will recognise text in many forms that they will encounter in their daily lives. They will be curious and eager to read. They will be able to read simple sentences with some fluency and will want to read with others. 

What does a reader at Barnsole look like at the end of KS1?

At the end of KS1, children will have built upon their foundations of reading by having strategies to help them decode unfamiliar words and to self-correct to check if reading makes sense to them. Children will have the confidence to read independently, regardless of the book band they are on, and will enjoy telling stories to peers and adults. Children will have developed enough fluency in order to grasp the meaning of a text and will be able to explain what has happened in the text they are reading. 

Children will discover different genres and understand simple features. For example, in non-fiction, to help them gain/gather information and to broaden their literature diet.

What does a reader at Barnsole look like at the end of KS2?

At the end of KS2, children will have been exposed to a variety of text types and will have an appreciation of the importance of reading and how it will help them throughout their lives. Children will have explored a range of authors and will have developed a preference for what they like to read. Children will be fluent readers, able to use intonation and debating skills. They will be curious about what they read and will be able to discuss, share and recommend texts. Children will be able to apply reading skills, such as inference and prediction, in order to gain a deeper understanding of texts.