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Topic - Autumn Term 2022

Lead Teacher: Mrs Hanniford

Maths - We will start this first term by learning to recite numbers past 5 and recognise number patterns. We shall also focus on understanding that the last number reached when counting a small set of objects is the total.

Literacy - We shall begin the term by understanding that we give meaning to the marks we make. We will continue to try writing all, or part, of our names. We will also understand that print gives meaning.

Physical Development - We will continue to develop our movement, balancing, riding and ball skills, as well as learning to use one handed tools and equipment.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development - We are learning to make friends with other children and initiating conservations. We are learning to ask adults for help when we need it. We are also learning to take responsibility when carrying out small tasks and to take turns and share toys with others.

Communication and Language - We are being introduced to and learning to develop social phrases and follow instructions with two or more parts. We are also learning to engage in story time and retell stories using repeated phrases and in our own words. We are encouraged to use new vocabulary we have learnt.

Understanding the World - We are starting to learn and explore how things work, as well as talking about the members of our family. We are learning to talk about our environment and what we see using a wide range of vocabulary.

Expressive Art and Design - We will start by understanding that we have to listen to others with increased attention. We will also develop storylines in our pretend play and learn to explore colour and colour mixing in art work.