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Year 3

Topic - Autumn Term 2022

Lead Teacher: Mrs Curd

Maths - We will start this first term by consolidating our place value knowledge and expanding this to look at numbers up to 1000. We shall then apply this understanding when calculating using addition and subtraction. After this, our learning will continue by exploring multiplication and division with a particular focus on developing our knowledge on the x3, x4 and x8 times tables. We shall be challenged to apply our learning in different ways to develop our problem-solving and reasoning skills.

English Writing - This term, our English lessons and writing will link to our topic work using texts such as Stone Age Boy (Satoshi Kitamura), UG: Boy Genius of the Stone Age (Raymond Briggs) and Clive King’s classic Stig of the Dump to inspire our writing. We shall write diary entry recounts, as well as learn the importance of structure and layout when writing playscripts. We will also write our own historical narrative inspired by our topic work and use non-fiction texts to support us in writing discussion-based pieces on the historical time period.

Topic (Geography, History, Art and Design Technology) - During this term, we will learn about three different periods of British prehistory: The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We will discover terminology relating to time and sequence dates to make a timeline. We will explore the changes to people, homes and lifestyle throughout the different periods and investigate examples of prehistoric settlements, monuments, burials and artefacts in detail. We will also study how technology improved over time, including how the discovery of different metals changed the way that people lived.

Science - This term will have a Biology focus and we will be learning all about the human body with particular focus on our skeletons and muscles. We will compare the human skeleton to other animals as well as understand why good nutrition is important.

RE -  The focus religions for this term are Sikhism and Hinduism. We will learn about Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, and the celebrations that are held to commemorate Sikh Gurus. The theme of celebration will also be explored in Hinduism when we learn about Ganesh Chaturthi. We will understand the importance of Ganesh and how celebration differ around the world.