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Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

In accordance with the Department for Education's National Curriculum for primary schools, the Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) is a key element of mathematical learning for all children at this stage in their educational journey.

This short online check, administered in June, is designed to confirm that Year 4 pupils have a solid grasp of their times tables up to 12. It serves to support children's fluency in Mathematics by ensuring they can quickly and accurately recall multiplication facts, a fundamental skill that underpins much of subsequent mathematical learning.

The MTC comprises 25 questions, and children are given six seconds to answer each question. The check is conducted under supervised conditions, but it is not a formal test. The purpose is not to put children under pressure, but rather to assess their understanding and help inform teaching where necessary.

Parents and carers can help their children prepare for the MTC by regularly practising times tables at home. The online app, Times Tables Rockstars is a great resource for you to use at home with your child. This not only helps in the development of their mathematical skills, but also builds confidence and familiarity with the questions they might face in the check.

Remember, the Year 4 MTC is a part of the children's learning journey, and is designed to support, not pressure.

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2023 Multiplication tables Check - Information for Parents