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Year 4

Topic - Autumn Term 2022

Lead Teacher: Mrs Hucks

Maths - We shall start this first term by consolidating our place value knowledge and expanding this to look at larger numbers. We will then apply this understanding when exploring a range of methods to calculate using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Our understanding will be challenged when applying our knowledge to different problem-solving and reasoning questions and activities. Finally, we will be able to apply all our learning from this term when exploring aspects of measurement, in particular length and perimeter.

English Writing - This term, we intend to explore a range of texts to inspire our English lessons and our writing. We will create character profiles on historical figures, such as Alfred the Great, after researching information from non-fiction texts. We will read Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo and write recounts from the perspective of the main character. Following learning in our topic work around Viking Longships and how they were used to attack and invade, we will write instructions on how to build a Viking Longship. Towards the end of term, we intend to create our very own quest stories inspired by Tony Bradman’s Viking Boy.

Topic (Geography, History, Art and Design Technology) - During this term, we will follow on from our learning of the Romans from Year 3 and find out about key dates in Saxon history since the invasion of Britain’s shores. Using a range of maps, we will plot the location of Roman shore forts and draw our own sketch maps. We will make models of Saxon weaponry, homes and jewellery and carefully carve runes using clay tools. We will learn about historical figures such as Alfred the Great and the everyday lives of the Saxons, before moving on to explore the Vikings. Using maps, we shall identify the places where the invaders came from and locate Viking invasion sites. We intend to research Viking beliefs and plan a scrumptious Viking feast. At the end of the project, we will reflect on what it would have been like to be a child during these troubled times and create a Saxon and Viking Art exhibition.

Science - We will start the Autumn Term learning about the human body with a particular focus on the digestive system. We will identify the parts of the body that are vital to the process and understand their significance. Later in the term, we will explore the topic of sound by understanding how sound is created. We shall build on our prior learning in music to understand how the pitch and volume can be changed and how this is shown in sound waves.

RE -  The focus religions for this term are Buddhism and Judaism. We will learn about the Buddhist celebration of Kathina through understanding the lives of Buddhist Monks and the story of Kathina found in ancient Buddhist scriptures. In Judaism, we will learn about Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest, its significance to the Jewish community and the rules that have to be followed.