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Year 6

Topic - Autumn Term 2022

Lead Teacher: Miss Greene

Maths -We will begin our first term consolidating our place value knowledge and will further develop our understanding of number by looking at numbers within ten million. We will then apply this when using a variety of methods to support us with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations. In addition, we will develop our problem-solving and reasoning skills through a range of mathematical activities. Towards the end of the term, we will consolidate our knowledge and understanding of fractions whilst learning how to multiply and divide them. Finally, we will learn more around position and direction, reflecting and translating shapes on a four-quadrant grid.

English Writing - This term, we will be exploring a range of texts to support us in our English lessons and to help us write creatively. Taking inspiration from our topic ‘Revolution’ we will write biographies of a historical figure, such as Queen Victoria. Using our texts ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘Street child’ we will write informal letters from the perspective of the main characters and write setting descriptions of a Victorian workhouse. Towards the end of term, we will write a set of instructions and an explanation text which will be linked to our science topic ‘The circulatory system’. Our key focuses this term will be to recap key grammatical features from our previous learning and to practise writing with a variety of different sentence structures.

Topic (Geography, History, Art and Design Technology) -  This term, we will travel back to the Victorian age. We will discover what it was like to be at a super strict school and be in a Victorian classroom. We will learn more about Queen Victoria herself, as well as the many ingenious inventors who created so many things that we take for granted today: the electric light bulb, the telephone and the first flushing toilet. We will explore the various crimes and punishments, studying which crimes were common and those that were considered the most serious. Using recycled materials, we will challenge ourselves to make a 3-D model of a Victorian town or slum. We will find out what is meant by the term ‘Industrial revolution’ and discover why the introduction of steam power caused the revolution to gain such rapid pace during Queen Victoria’s reign. Finally, we will look at why coal was such an important raw material and why Henry Bessemer’s method of converting iron into steel was so pivotal to Britain’s status as a ship building nation.

Science - We will start the Autumn Term learning about Evolution and Inheritance. We will learn how living things on Earth have changed over time and how fossils provide evidence for this. Additionally, we will study how characteristics are passed from parents to their offspring and how variation in offspring can affect their survival, with adaptations possibly leading to the evolution of a species. We will carry out an investigation involving bird beaks and learn more about Charles Darwin’s finches. To finish off the term, we will turn our attention to the human body and learn about the transport role of the circulatory system, its main parts and primary functions. Finally, we will investigate what it means to live a healthy lifestyle and the effects of harmful substances on the human body.

RE - Our key religions this term will be Christianity and Judaism. We will learn about the Jewish New Year known as ‘Rosh Hashanah’ and how it is celebrated. We will explore the sweet foods that are eaten in the hope of a sweet New Year and how the ritual of ‘Tashlich’ is performed. Additionally, we will learn about ‘Yom Kippur’, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar and why this is so important to Jews. Towards the end of the term, we will consolidate our knowledge and understanding of Christianity and focus our attention to ‘Sunday’ and why this day in particular is important to Christians and their worship.