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Year 5

Topic - Autumn Term 2022

Lead Teacher: Mrs Homewood

Maths - We will begin our first term consolidating our place value knowledge and will further develop our understanding of number. We will then apply this when using a variety of methods to support us with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations. In addition, we will develop our problem-solving and reasoning skills through a range of mathematical activities. Finally, we will draw upon our previous knowledge of statistics and revisit how to use bar charts, pictograms and tables to interpret and present discrete data. We will also be introduced to line graphs in the context of time.

English Writing - This term, we will be exploring a range of texts to support us in our English lessons and to help us write creatively. We will produce non-chronological reports about Ancient Egypt to inform and guide the reader. We will write diary entries, taking a journey through Ancient Egypt and writing from the perspective of the main character in our text ‘The Red Pyramid’. Our key focuses this term will be to recap key grammatical features from our previous learning and to practise writing with a variety of different sentence structures. We will immerse ourselves in free verse poetry, allowing us to be creative and write poems with our own individual style.

Topic (Geography, History, Art and Design Technology) - This term, we will travel back 5000 years to the dusty realms of Ancient Egypt. We will enter a world of mysteries and curses, mummies and kings. Using a range of historical sources and artefacts, we will find out about life on the River Nile’s fertile banks, discover Egypt and its fascinating culture, unravel the secrets of ancient tombs and discover more about the powerful pharaohs and grandiose gods. We will become apprentices and work for Ramose, the chief embalmer and help him to prepare a body for its journey to the afterlife. Using images in books and online, we will investigate the famous ancient Egyptian headwear, the nemes. We shall sketch the nemes from different perspectives and capture details, such as its shape, pattern and form. Finally, we will make a nemes using fabric, card and craft foils.

Science - We will start the Autumn Term learning about our Solar System and its spherical bodies. We will describe the movements of Earth and other planets relative to the Sun, the Moon relative to Earth and the Earth's rotation to explain day and night. Using our investigative skills, we will challenge ourselves to answer scientific questions, such as, how do we know the Earth is round? Or how does the moon move? We will plan and carry out a range of enquiries, including writing methods, identifying variables and making predictions based on prior knowledge and understanding. Towards the end of the term, we will shift our focus to forces and mechanisms. We will learn more about gravity, air and water resistance as well as friction. Using our knowledge of this, we will explore their effects through a variety of investigations.

RE - Our key religions this term will be Sikhism and Hinduism. We will learn about the Sikh ‘Guru Arjan’ and his accomplishments. We will use non-fiction texts and the internet to find out more about the Golden Temple, its special features, worship and more about the Sikh pilgrims who visit. In Hinduism, we will learn about the celebrations of ‘Holi’, a Hindu festival that marks the winter harvest, welcomes spring and celebrates love. We will listen to Hindu stories, and through artwork, recreate images of the ‘Holi’ celebrations.