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Year 6

Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Summer Term Topic - Frozen Kingdom

This term, the children will start by making and observing icebergs. They will then find out more about them using non-fiction books. The children shall learn technical vocabulary so they can write reports in the role of engineers. Using globes and maps, the children will identify the polar regions, comparing the Arctic and Antarctic. The children shall also think about how they can protect the polar environment. Then, they will investigate the tragic story of the RMS Titanic, and find out about the people on board. The children will download images of polar features and save our information in digital folders. When the children are more familiar with the polar regions, they will write exciting stories, poems and diary entries from the perspective of brave explorers. Researching their favourite polar animals will be fun, and they will create animal artwork inspired by the Inuit people. The children shall experiment with digital photography and create amazing effects using paints and dyes.

Knowledge Organisers

Each of our termly topics has a knowledge organiser. These are created to support our curriculum projects. They set out the key facts and information that children need to use and remember as they progress across the curriculum. Each knowledge organiser includes:

• Essential facts about the topic, laid out in easily digestible chunks.
• Key vocabulary, technical terms and their meanings.
• Ambitious levels of literacy including a topic glossary.
• High-quality images including maps, diagrams and photographs.
• Timelines and significant dates where appropriate.
• Famous quotations, if relevant.

Frozen Kingdom - Knowledge Organiser

Frozen Kingdom - Glossary

Frozen Kingdom - Fun Facts

Topic Based Homework

In addition to the online learning apps, such as Times Table Rockstars and IXL, the school offers some additional optional topic based homework. 

Frozen Kingdom - Home Learning Ideas

Curriculum Map

The Curriculum Map which gives you an overview of what the children will be learning throughout this year in Year 6.

Year 6 Curriculum Map