Barnsole Primary School

Barnsole Primary School

The School Office

The school office staff are always willing to help with your enquiries and are available from 7:30am – 5pm each day, please call us on 01634 333400 or email 


If your child is unwell

We ask that if your child is unable to attend school that you let us know as soon as possible. This can be done via an email to or by calling us on 01634 333400 no later than 9 am on the each day of illness. Please do make sure that you state your child's name, class and the nature of the illness.

There are times we need to contact parents either because their child is ill, had an accident or an update when children are out on a trip. It is important that all pupil contact details are up to date and accurate. Please inform us of any changes immediately.



If your child needs to take antibiotics during the school day we are happy to administer it as long as it has been prescribed 4 times a day. We can also only do this if the medication is in its originally bottle or blister pack and has a pharmacy named label and clear instructions for administrating. We can only administer medicine which has been prescribed by a doctor or pharmacist and on the completion of a signed authorisation form which can be downloaded or obtained from the school office.


Water Bottles and PE T-shirts

These can be purchased via the school by placing an order on Parentpay. They will then be delivered to your child's class within 3 working days.