Barnsole Primary School

Barnsole Primary School



Barnsole Primary School follows and takes account of the relevant Safeguarding Procedures outlined by Medway Safeguarding Children Partnership. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being and welfare of children and young people, and expects all staff, volunteers and members of the school community to share and contribute to this commitment. 

For full details of our safeguarding arrangements please refer to the Safeguarding policy.

If you have any concerns about your child or any other pupil in the school, please speak to Miss R Hodge or one of our designated Safeguarding Staff listed below.


Medway Council: If the child is in immediate danger

In an emergency phone 999.

If you think the child is at immediate risk of harm phone us straightaway:

  • Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm on 01634 334 466
  • out of hours on 03000 419 191

The Difference between Safeguarding and Child Protection


What is the difference between the terms safeguarding and child protection?


In practice, Safeguarding is the policies and practices that schools and Governing Bodies put in place to keep children safe and promote their well-being. This includes everything from the security of the buildings and environment, to the safe recruitment of staff and everything in between. 


Child Protection is a term used to describe the activity that is undertaken to protect a specific child or children, who are suffering or liable to suffer significant harm. 


Child Protection is just one of many aspects of Safeguarding. 

Guidance and advice for parents


All parents want to make sure that their children develop healthily and flourish. We are here to help you with guidance and advice on how you can build strong relationships with your children and to keep them safe. Please find below advice and resources for helping parents to keep their children safe, advice for keeping children safe out of school, at home and online, when using social networking websites, the internet and playing online games, and help and advice for creating a safe and nurturing environment for your children.


For guidance, further details can be found from:

Ways to contact the NSPCC


(The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children is a charity campaigning and working in child protection in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands).


Should you need to contact the NSPCC, please ensure the following;


  • Provide as much information as you can about the child and any concerns you have.
  • Any details that can assist in identifying the child, such as their name or address.
  • If you're requesting information, please tell advise what you want it for.


Telephone: 0808 800 5000         TEXT:       88858                 Email: