Barnsole Primary School

Barnsole Primary School

Please look out for a letter which will be sent out to all parents on 7th September regarding further details about Breakfast Club.

Breakfast Club


Breakfast Club is held in the Junior school hall for Infant and Junior pupils.  The large playground gates on School Avenue will be open from 7.15am to 8.10am Monday to Friday.  Parents can drive onto the playground and park at the bottom near the quiet area and drop their children off from 7.30am until 8.10am (we cannot accept children after this time when the playground gates will be locked).  Children can then be walked through the bottom of the playground to the main school reception and registered in the normal way with the Breakfast Club staff.


Breakfast will be served from 7.30am and a range of activities to meet the needs of different age groups will be offered until 8.40am when Junior pupils will join their classes and Infant pupils will be accompanied to their classes by the Breakfast Club staff.


The cost for attending Breakfast club are £3.00 per child per day and fees are payable via ParentPay in advance please. As from 1st November 2019, If a parent owes £30 or more in breakfast club fees, their child will not be able to attend breakfast club until that debt is paid.


If you wish your child to start attending Breakfast Club, please complete the Breakfast Club Registration Form and return to the main school reception at least 24 hours before your child attends. If you should need emergency care and have not registered, please call the school first on 01634 333400.