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The grid below contains the new National Curriculum content for FS and Years 1 to 6 in English, Maths and science.

Click on download to display a ‘Barnsole Learning Wall’ that details age appropriate pupil targets.

These targets are what the pupils will be taught in school.

The pupils also use these learning walls in school and they are displayed in the front of their workbooks.

Some pupils may also be working on targets from the year group below or the year group above.


Early Years Foundation Stage
 30-50  40-60
 Personal, Social and Emotional Development  Download   Download
 Communication and Language   Download   Download
 Physical Development   Download   Download
 Reading   Download   Download
 Writing   Download   Download
 Mathematics   Download   Download
 Understanding the World   Download   Download
 Expressive Arts and Design   Download   Download
Key Stage 1 and 2 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
 Writing Download Download Download  Download  Download  Download
 Vocabulary Grammar Punctuation  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download
 Reading  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download
 Spoken Language  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download
 Mathematics Number Operations  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download
 Mathematics Fractions, Measure ...  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download
 Science  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download  Download